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3-D Flower Pop-Up Card


Hey all you  scrappy chicks!  I can’t believe how long it has been since I posted.  Thanks so much for checking back to see what my latest and greatest creations are. I have been teaching a scrapbooking/card class every other Monday at Northstar Lodge in Yakima.  I should have been posting what we have been working on.  Here is the last card we made.  It was a little challenging, to say the least.  The key is to use just a glue dot, or as small of an amount of liquid glue as possible, otherwise the flowers stick together and the card won’t open properly.

Materials Needed

Scissors, pencil, 4 sheets copy paper (or 8 1/2 x 11 colored paper), paper cutter,

50 cent piece (or other small round object to trace around), yellow marker,

8 1/2 x 11 piece of cardstock, glue dots (or other adhesive),

Stamps, inks, embellishments as desired



1.) Cut your 8 1/2 x 11  paper in half to make 2 pieces of  8 1/2 x 5 1/2 paper from each full sheet of paper.


2.)  Fold the sheet upwards (bringing the bottom up to the top) and crease it.


3.)  Fold the left side of the paper towards the right side and crease it.


4.)  Fold the lower right hand corner to the crease on the left side of your paper, then turn your paper over…


5.)  Repeat…folding the bottom left corner to the crease on the right side of your paper.


6.)  Trace around a 50 cent piece (or other small lid) so that the edges of the money touch each side of the triangle (as shown).


7.)  Cut along the line you just drew


8.)  Open up your 8 – petal flower…(if our flower was acciedently traced on the wrong side, and your flower is cut into two pieces…just tape the two pieced together OR refold and cut another fllower)

IMG_57749.)  Cololr the center of your flower yellow (or whichever color you prefer)

IMG_577510.)  Cut one petal off of your flower (any petal will do)

IMG_577611.)  Put a glue dot (or other adhesive) onto the petal to the left of the petal you cut out.  I marked a black dot, where the glue should go.


12.)  Take the petal to the right of the petal you cut out, and place it on top of the glue dot.


13.)  This should have made a 3-D flower, with 6 petals.


14.)  Fold the flower in half, so that you have a flattened 3-petal flower shape.

15.)  Repeat steps 2-14 with 6 more pieces of paper…so you will end up with a total of 7 flat flowers.


16.)  Lay your flowers onto your work space as shown above (no need to mark with numbers or dots)

17.)  Put a glue dot (or other adhesive – just a little though), onto the top three flowers as shown with black dots…the flower on the left will have glue on the middle and last petal….the middle flower will have glue on each petal…the flower on the left will have glue on the first and middle petals…


18.)  Place the left flower (#2) on top of the middle flower (#1)…the last petal will go on top of the far left petal


19.)  Place the right flower (#3) on top of the middle flower (#1)…the first petal will go on top of the farthest right petal


20.)  Put a glue dot onto each of the three petals on the center flower (shown in the middle #4) and place that flower on top of the flower you are building…


21.)  Put a glue dot onto the last petal (flower #5) and onto the first petal (flower #6).  Place flower #5 on top of the flower you are building (you are repeating the previous sequence steps 18-20).  The last petal on flower #5 will be placed on the left side of your flower.


22.)  Place flower #6 on top of the flower you are building (put it on the right side of the flower).


23.)  Place the final flower, #7 on top of the flower you have created (place it so that it covers the top of the flower)


24.)  Fold your 8 1/2 x 11 piece of cardstock in half (like you would fold a card), and then open it back up.


25.)  Put a glue dot onto the middle petal at the top of your flower and put the flower (glue dot up) onto the top half of your card, so that the empty triangular space in your flower, is above the crease.



26.)  Fold your card in half – the glue dot will adhere the flower to one side of your card.  Then reopen your card (the other direction) and put another glue dot on the middle petal at the top of your flower and then close your card again.  Now both sides of the flower “bouquet”  should be glued in your card.  When you open it up, you should have a 7 flower bouquet.




Stamp, ink, embellish and then give away your amazing creation.  This card can really be a WOWser!  Perfect for a card that says “thanks a bunch” or any other special occasion…Use colored paper for the flowers (thin paper, not cardstock), or distress the outer petals…have fun.  This card takes a little bit of time, but the end result is worth the extra effort.

Thanks so much for stopping by and learning how to make a 3-D pop up card with me. Please feel free to comment, on this tutorial.  I would love to know if the card was pretty easy to make with this tutorial.  It was challenging trying to teach in a class with several people who were all working on different steps in this process.  I hope the tutorial made it easy and fun.   Come back soon, for more tutorials and  crafting fun!  Have a simply scrappy day!

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Copic Markers – on photos

  Using Copic Markers on Photos

A recent trend has shown people making cards using photos as card fronts.  What a wonderful idea!  If you scrapbook and  make cards, I’m sure you have plenty

of photos to use.  I created this card by accident.  I found this photo and I thought it would be perfect for a card that said “You’re as sweet as honey!”

I went to print it out and I was out of color ink.  I had to print it in black and white.  Since the card talked about honey, I wanted to emphasize the honey, so I colored

it yellow with my Copic markers.  I just love how it turned out!  This is so easy and fun to do!  Here are a few more examples….


This sepia toned photo of Johnny Depp….


turned into this thank you card, with a little red and grey highlights….


This black and white pirate ship…..


turned into this…follow your dreams card, with a little blue and red highlights…


and finally this sepia toned photo of Johnny Depp


turned into this friendship card with some green highlights.


This is just one use of Copic markers.  I’m going to do some tutorials on how to use Copic markers, so come back soon, to get some more ideas.  Have you ever used

photos when making cards? Have you ever used Copics on your photos? Which one of these cards do you like the best?

Please leave me a comment and tell me what you think.  I love to hear from you.

Thanks for stopping by and have a simply scrappy day!   Shellie

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Duct Tape Ring

OK, I really like the duct tape rose, and the corsage turned out great!  So, if you’re gonna accessorize, you need a ring too!  So here it is, the ring to match the corsage.


Oh so cute and oh so simple.  To make this ring you will need…

duct tape, scissors or exacto knife, ruler, self-healing mat, an adjustable ring (found at most craft stores or even out of toy machine, or recycle/alter one)

Instructions:  Lay out a piece of duct tape 12″ long


Cut it in half lengthwise


Cut it into 1″ strips making 24 1″ squares



Fold over one corner of the square, leaving a section open at the bottom


Fold over the other corner, making the shape of a house


Trim around the corner, making a semi-circle, this is the petal of the rose.


Repeat the above steps on all 24 pieces…

Cut two strips about 1/2″ x 2″ or so and place one underneath the top of the ring.


Fold it over, making a square base.


Place the second strip underneath the base


Fold it up, so that it’s slightly offset


Twist the two ends around one another, making the stem of the flower


Wrap one petal around the stem


Wrap the next petal on the opposite side


Continue wrapping the petals around the stem.  This is what 16 petals looks like…


Continue wrapping petals until the desired size is achieved.  Usually 24-26 petals does the trick.


If you want, you can add duct tape around the ring for added color.    Once it’s on your finger, no one will know what color the ring itself is, so that part is up to you.


There you have it, simple, easy and fun!  Which did you like better, the corsage, wristlet or ring?  This is just the beginning.  You can make duct tape purses, wallets, pens, bags…oh the things you can think, you can do!  Have you made any duct tape creations?  It’s absolutely amazing all the different colors and patterns they have now.  You could design a wardrobe out of it if you wanted to (I have actually seen a dress made out of duct tape).  Please share your thoughts and ideas, I love to hear from you.

Come back soon to see what’s new!   Thanks for stopping by and have a simply scrappy day!    Shellie


Duct Tape Roses

My son is going to his first homecoming this weekend and we are really short on cash.  His date, absolutely loves zebra prints and I know you can’t find zebra printed flowers….so I thought I could make her a corsage, out of zebra printed duct tape.  It actually turned out really cool and I can pretty much guarantee that no one else will have this particular corsage!  It took me a few hours, because I also made a matching ring (keep following to find out how) and I  tried a couple different ways to attach the flower to the wristlet, cause it was so heavy.


Here’s what you need:  Duct Tape, Scissors (CTMH scissors work best cause they are adhesive resistant), self-healing mat, ruler, exacto knife (instead of scissors), empty 32 oz cup, 3 in 1 Beacon’s glue, ribbon and square Velcro, glue dots

To Make A Rose:  Cut 24 or more strips of duct tape about 2×3″


Fold down one corner of the duct tape, almost to the bottom of the tape.


Fold down the opposite corner of the duct tape.


Trim a semi-circle around the corner.  Repeat for all pieces of duct tape.


Take one piece and roll it up.  This will be your stem.



Take a second piece and wrap it around the stem you just made.


Take a third piece and wrap it on the opposite side of the stem.  Repeat until all petals have been used and

desired size has been achieved.  Set the rose aside.


To make the wristlet:  Take your 32 oz pop cup and cut it down the seam and around the bottom


Cut a 1″ strip from the bottom of the cup.  Cut a 2nd 1″ strip above that.


Glue the two strips on top of one another with Beacon’s 3 in 1 glue (or your favorite liquid glue).  You may need to trip a little from the end…


Cut about a 6″ ish length of duct tape and place the strip on top of it.


Cut a little square out of each corner for easy folding.


Fold the ends and sides over the cardboard strip.


Cut another 6″ ish x 1/2″ piece of duct tape and cover the center section.


Remove your Velcro closure from the packaging and place it on the underside of your wristlet.  Close the wristlet so that the other side of the Velcro sticks to it, completing the wristlet.


Put a glue dot on the top of the wristlet in the center and tie a couple of pieces of ribbon around it like you would tie your shoe.


Put another glue dot on the bottom of your rose and place it in the center of the ribbons.


Cut another 1/2″ by 3″ ish strip of duct tape and wrap it around the base of the rose and underneath the wristlet for extra hold.


Finally I tied the ribbons into bows and then cut the ends in a “V” shape.  You can add more ribbon, baby’s breath or other embellishments as desired.


I am so pleased at how this turned out!  If you have made a duct tape rose, corsage or even a duct tape bracelet/wristlet, please share your pictures with me!  I LOVE TO HEAR FROM YOU!!  If you have any other ideas or suggestions I’d love to hear those too.  Come back soon and I will share how to make a duct tape rose ring, to match this corsage.

Have a Simply Scrappy Day!  Hope to hear from you soon!


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Easy Gift Idea

 ] 20130831_062753-1-1



A friend of mine, has me working on some easy gifts.  These are cd calendars, to sit on a desk or shelf.  They are beautiful and can be made by simply recycling a cd case and using some scrap paper.  These make wonderful housewarming,  thank you or even Christmas gifts.


These are so fun to make!  If you are interested in buying a cd calendar please leave me a comment, the possibilities are endless.  I can create a calendar in any theme or color scheme you desire.


20130831_094719-120130831_054817-120130831_055116-1If you decide to make your own cd calendar(s), please leave me a comment and share your design, OR leave me a comment and let me know which calendar design that I made, is your favorite.  I love to hear from you!  Thanks for stopping by today and come back soon, to see what else I’ve created.  Have a simply scrappy day today!  Shellie


Pretty in Pink Princess Cast

crown on toe

As you can see, I was put into another cast, non-weight bearing for four more weeks!  I decided to go with Hot Pretty Princess Pink and bling up my new cast with some stickers and rhinestones.  I even added a little crown at the top of my toes to complete this highly fashionable ensemble.  I used 2 of my favorite princesses, Ariel and Aurora.  I used Beacon’s 3 in 1 glue to first glue the sticker to my cast.  Then I spread good old Elmer’s glue over the top, to seal it on.  I used double-sided glue lines to adhere the bling around the toes of my cast.  I’m hoping it will last all four weeks, but tonight it was soo hot, that Ariel started to fall off.  So sad.  So I’m regluing her back on, and if she falls off again, I may need to resort to drawing and coloring her onto my cast.  It won’t look nearly as pretty that way though, so I’m crossing my toes that this will work.  At any rate, it gave me another chance to try something new and fun!

Ariel side

Cinderella side

If you ever have a friend, who is in a non weight-bearing cast, just a little advice, from me to you…

please don’t ignore them.  I’ve been in a cast for over four weeks now and only one good friend of mine has even called, to say

“Hey, how are you doing?  Would you like to get out of the house today and run some errands with me?”  I’m telling you, that made my day!  I can’t drive and I’m just sitting home, lonely, trying not to feel sorry for myself and it really sucks, especially when no one calls.  I’ve heard one person say, “I don’t know what to say, or how to help you, so I don’t do anything.”  For goodness sake, I’m not DEAD!  I can talk, go for a drive, I can even go for a short walk with my scooter, or go dip one foot in the pool when you go to a pool party with the other gals!  I’m not an invalid!  I can listen, shop a little, go out to lunch, fold your laundry!  What I CAN’T seem to do, is bother you!  I can’t call you up and ask you to come get me, because I don’t want to inconvenience you. I CAN’T invite my self over to your swim party, because that’s rude; if you wanted me to come you would have invited me yourself.  I can’t call you up and ask, “Why don’t you ever call me anymore,” because I already got the answer, “I just don’t know what to say to you.” even though that’s not exactly what I wanted to hear.  I guess I’m saying, if you are a friend, BE a friend.  My friend, who does call and ask me to run errands has been a Godsend.  Thank you so much!  I can’t tell you how to be someone’s friend and I’m finding out the hard way that what I think a friend is, is not what  other people think.  So think about paying it forward today.  Do you know anyone with an illness, chronic pain, depression, a cast that renders them non weight-bearing?  If so, give them a quick call, send them a card, bring a movie over and watch it with them, ask them to run errands with you,  tell them that you are thinking of them and that you hope they feel better soon…anything is better than nothing.  Enough of my soapbox, sorry, just had to get that out there today.  Another four weeks can be a very long time, especially when you feel all alone.  I’m not sure what will happen after these four weeks.  I’m hoping my doctor will take an x-ray to determine whether or not this darn cyst in my bone has shrunk or grown.  If it is still growing, then it will mean an excruciating surgery and probably another 8 weeks in a cast!  YUCK!

So, I’m determined to get creative and blog, blog, blog.   Please come back often to see what things I’m simply scrapping.  Leave me a comment and let me know you stopped by, I’d love to hear from you!  Please let me know if you are one of those chronic sufferers, like me.  I’d be more than happy to send you a card and let you know


Thanks for stopping by and have a simply scrappy day!